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With just over a month left till the kick off of the third in person edition of TranslateCluj, we are happy to announce the first topics for our conference. Early bird rates are still in force, but hurry up, cause prices are going up on the 20 April! So, if you were wondering what’s cookin’? here’s a selection of the sessions you’ll get to attend in May:

Chris Durban (ITI, SFT, FR > EN). As you might have guessed, Chris will be our keynote speaker this year. In addition to her keynote speech, she will also organize a 90-minute workshop on creative translation, based on the comparative translation of a real life project. If you know Chris, you know that this will be a highly interesting and insightful workshop!

Alina Secară will talk about the opportunities and requirements brought about by the European Accessibility Directive, as all the content published within the EU will need to meet accessibility requirements for the online context.

Do you speak French, Italian, Spanish or Romanian? Then chances are you might also be able to understand at least some Portugues! You should definitely check out Nora Neamț’s workshop on intercomprehension and see how you can develop new translation skills.

Lucia Rațiu (lecturer, psychologist and coach) will talk about mental help, and how we can cope with traumatic situations we come across in our profession, as translators and interpreters.


Tech sessions powered by RWS

Technology and hands-on workshops were always on our priority list at TranslateCluj, and this year is no exception.

Dragoș Ciobanu (lecturer and researcher at the University of Vienna) will talk about the integration of speech synthesis in the translation process. Dragoș will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, using several examples. Live subjects and authentic examples will feature in the demonstrations, and the participants are strongly encouraged to interrupt the speaker’s unavoidable soliloquies with piercing questions.

Our partners from RWS will be joining the TranslateCluj Together Again conference with several insightful sessions:

An overview of the advanced QA features in Trados, by Paul Filkin (remote session)
Two Trados Studio workshops (one for beginners, one for intermediate/advanced users)
A presentation of the latest Trados Studio version
The technology section will also include a panel on the usefulness of machine translation and artificial intelligence for translators, moderated by our colleague Dana Szabados.

Interpreting section at TranslateCluj!

We are very excited about this, since we’ve been working hard to make it happen. This year’s edition of TranslateCluj will include a section for interpreters! Kudos to our colleague, Camelia Oană, who joined the organizing team and helped us with this new & exciting section! It's still work in progress, but here are the speakers confirmed so far:

Alina Pelea (UBB Cluj lecturer, conference interpreter and literary translator) and Alina Andreica (University of Medicine and Pharmacy lecturer) will present the results of the ReACTMe project in the field of medical interpreting and will discuss the further steps that are needed in order to consolidate this field of work in the coming years.

Sophie Llewellyn Smith (interpreter, coach and trainer) will present techniques for improving the B language for retour interpretation (remote presentation).

Iulia Daniela Negru (interpreter, RITS & AITI member) will tell the story of the Romanian Interpreters Training Sessions. You will learn about the importance of individual and team study, online and offline interaction between interpreters and much more.

Ana Maria Dușa (conference interpreter) will organise a practical workshop on consecutive interpreting with a focus on note-taking.

And Adriana Mîndriloiu (conference interpreter) will moderate a round table on the Romanian interpreting market and working conditions for Romanian interpreters.

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