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We Are Expanding

TranslateCluj swings back in 2024, unfolding a new chapter filled with spirited discussions and a splash of fun and laughter. As we explore the concept of Quality in Translation, and indispensable CAT tool workshops, this year we're casting a special glow on Project Managers, the anchors that steady our translation ship. We are also upgrading our networking and fringe events section with an exciting Transylvanian evening, packed with great food, folk dances and music. Read on to find out more about our offer and secure your spot with our special Early Bird prices until 10 December 2023!

The Conference


We have the great pleasure to invite you to a new TranslateCluj conference, 21-22 March 2024, this time focused on quality. True to our style, expect a hands-on experience, courtesy of the expert speakers you probably already expect to meet and thanks to the subjects they will focus on for our community. As you can see below, in our constantly updated Speakers & Topics section, their presentations and workshops will help us find out what we are looking for in terms of quality nowadays, when Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation are on everybody’s lips. Let’s keep the translators in the loop by steering away from buzzwords and focusing instead on what makes us irreplaceable, i.e. the quality only the human touch can provide.

Workshop Days


Ready for an in-depth exploration of our profession? Look no further! To ensure we both kick-off and conclude our conference on high notes, we've broadened this year's agenda to include two workshop days dedicated to PMs on Wednesday and technology on Saturday.

From PM Strategies…

Dear Project Managers, we've heard your calls! And we are dedicating the entire Saturday to address your unique challenges and aspirations. This series of workshops is the perfect place where you can refine your skills and share your burdens. If you're still puzzling over how to respond to that fickle customer in the most amicable manner, or wondering about the essential elements of an effective translation brief, then this is where you'll find the answers. Join us and be part of our journey as we set the stage for the conference.

…to CAT Tools Tactics

While we push boundaries with artificial intelligence and machine translation, we're also grounding our roots with indispensable CAT tool workshops, a must in a translator's day-to-day. Recognizing this, we've dedicated an entire day, concluding our conference, to hands-on, extensive sessions that explore the industry's most popular CAT tools. Whether you're undecided about the best CAT tool to kickstart your translation journey, or if that stubborn memoQ error message still gives you a headache, we’ve got you covered! Just make sure to bring your enthusiasm, and we'll handle the rest!

Transylvanian Evening

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You cannot visit Transylvania without falling in love with the delicious food you find here. But apart from food, getting to know more about traditional folkloric music and dance is a must (“musai” or “muszáj” as we say). That’s exactly why the Transylvanian evening organised for the TranslateCluj 2024 attendees will take you to another world, where all your senses will be spoiled. Join us at the conference and at the Transylvanian evening, and we promise you’ll have a blast!

Speakers & Topics


Carlos la Orden Tovar

Keynote Speaker Profile

Over the last 23 years and counting, Carlos has forged a professional career linked to Information Technology, Languages and Education across Europe and America. In the last two decades Carlos has lived and developed his skills in 10 different countries, proudly working as a Technology Trainer, Localization Project Manager, School Teacher & University Jack-of-all-trades. And Freelance Translator, of course. Over the years, he has worked with dozens of international clients such as Microsoft, 3M, RWS, Cisco, Oracle, AENA, United Technologies, Movistar and Nokia, to name a few.  His natural inclination towards sharing knowledge and gathering new experiences has driven his career through unbeaten paths, mixing academic and business life in an ever-changing global scenario. He lives in beautiful Tuscany and splits his time as a Technology Trainer, Lecturer, Speaker, and freelance Language Consultant and Localizer. 

Keynote speech: TBA


Anca Greere 2

Prof. Anca Greere

Keynote Speaker Profile

Professor Greere holds a tenured position at Babeș‑Bolyai University, formerly the Director of the European Master’s Programme in Translation Studies and Terminology and an active member of the European Master’s in Translation Network. Professor Greere also acts as a quality assurance expert and has taken on chairing roles for international institutional and programme review panels organised by quality assurance agencies in Europe and beyond. She has worked extensively with the European Commission on implementing projects with relevance for the European Higher Education Area and continues to conduct and supervise research on topics of direct interest to higher education and translation studies.

Keynote Speech: TBA
Martina Russo

Martina Russo

Speaker Profile

Martina is a freelance translator gone ethical agency owner. With +13 years in the translation industry, she's seen the good, the bad, the ugly–and the REALLY ugly, so she decided to set up her own agency to do things differently. The Action Sports Translator is a hyper-specialized translation agency that works with state-of-the-art tech, yet never automates relationships and never compromises on quality. On this occasion, Martina will share her point of view as a translation agency owner, formerly freelance translator, in what "quality" means and how she pursues it within her organization.

Presentation: TBA

Ellen Singer

Speaker Profile

Ellen Singer has been a technical translator for nearly thirty years at AzTech Solutions, a small translation agency that provides a wide range of services. Although she specializes in technical translation and has used CAT tools since the nineties, Ellen’s interests and skills are far-ranging. She relishes the challenge of projects requiring creativity and rhyming skills, as well as transcreation projects, and has spoken at translation conferences on a wide range of topics. Bart, Rachel and Ellen started Write outside the box a few years ago, their website focuses on copywriting in English, Dutch and Spanish.

Jerzy photo

Jerzy Czopik

Speaker Profile

Born in Cracow, Jerzy studied mechanical engineering until moving to Germany in 1986. Living in Dortmund from then he finished his  engineering studies in Germany. In 1990 he started to translate, and in 1991 began his specialization in technical translation. In 1992 he became a sworn translator and interpreter for German and Polish.

Jerzy is a self-taught user of CAT tools, and after many years of experience is now a trainer for SDL software. He also runs a webinar series called “Ask Dr. Studio” for the BDÜ (the German federal association of translators and interpreters). In April 2018 he
became the vice president of the BDÜ.

Jerzy is also auditor for LICS (Language Industry Certification System, awarding ISO 17100 certificates). Since 2010 together with his wife he owns an EN 15038 / ISO 17100 certificate.



Masterclass: Trados Studio

Jerzy will organize a Trados Studio Masterclass on Saturday, 25 March, for those of you who want to learn how to really master this powerful CAT Tool.


Marek Pawelec

Speaker Profile
Marek Pawelec graduated in Molecular Biology at the Jagiellonian University in 1992 and worked as researcher at faculties of Medicine and Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland. Since 2001 works as a full time English to Polish freelance translator: started with literature, later added technical translations of medical, life sciences and chemistry texts. Translated close to 50 novels and millions words of medical texts, including medical equipment manuals, IVD, pharmacology and clinical trials-related materials. Experienced computer aided translation (CAT) software user and trainer, certified memoQ trainer. Presented on multiple translation conferences and teaches on practical aspects of freelance translation, CAT tools, regular expressions and translation related software. He is interested in technical communication, passionate about terminology and cats.
Presentation: Quality Translation: What Is It and How to Get it

The translation industry uses various translation quality metrics for numerical evaluation of quality, but while the numbers can tell you a lot, very rarely they can tell the whole story, especially when it comes to something as elusive as quality. In this presentation I will try to define what constitutes “good quality” for various types of translation and discuss how we can use various tools at our disposal to achieve it. I will talk about CATs, QA checkers, LQA and others, but not about specific programs and settings, but rather how to use them for achieving the ultimate goal – a translation that will be considered “good” or “good quality”.

Masterclass: memoQ

Like every year, Marek will organize a comprehensive and highly useful memoQ Masterclass aimed at language professionals who want to improve their skills of this complex and industry-leading tool.

Workshop: MemoQ Features for Project Managers

In his PM Day Workshop, Marek will demonstrate some of the most common and useful features memoQ has to offer to Project Managers.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-07 at 13.15.23

Ioana Diaconu-Mureșan

Speaker Profile

Freelance translator (mostly literary, mostly from Polish), witty storyteller, pretty decent communicator, passionate about education and bringing Romania and Poland closer. Program Coordinator at the Polish Cultural Center of the Babeș-Bolyai University (voluntary work).



Alecs Litu-4 (1)

Alecsandra Lițu

Speaker Profile

I am a consultant, trainer and coach, focusing on human development and fascinated by the potential for transformation that people, groups and organizations have. For the past 15 years I have created spaces and environments in which people could find gates towards themselves and others, build healthier teams and flourishing organizations. 

During this time I have worked with more than 10.000 people in 80 organizations, delivering more than 15.000 hours of training and 650 one-to-one sessions.

My development has taken me from Jaques Salomeé’s ESPERE Method to my coaching journey started 10 years ago with John Whitmore’s Performance Consultants in London and the MindLearner’s Coaching School, connecting with our unconscious self with Robert Moss’s Dream Teaching. I am currently deepening my training in the human mind and soul by training as a Jungian Psychotherapist. 


Cătălin Zima-Zegreanu

Speaker Profile

As a Video Game Designer and Software Developer, Cătălin feels a bit out of place in this list of speakers. For the past 13 years, Catalin has been involved in creating video games for a variety of platforms and international markets.

During this time, he bumped into lots of challenges related to translation and localization in video games, stories and interactive experiences. Having worked with a wide-range of solutions for translations, from in-house writers, to external vendors, to the dreaded automated translation services, he's gathered quite a few stories that he'd love to share




Get to the venue


Lines M41, M41L > 24, 30, 24 B


Bolt is the leading mobility app operating in Cluj. Alternatively, you can grab a taxi.


The DoubleTree by Hilton

This five-star hotel is an iconic landmark of Cluj, and was the host of TranslateCluj 2020, the previous edition of our conference.



(Early Bird)

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  • 23 March Workshop Day Pass
  • Coffee-breaks
  • Lunch

(Early Bird)

1000 RON
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  • 21-22 March Full Conference Pass
  • Coffee-breaks
  • 2 Lunches


300 RON
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  • 21 March Dinner with Traditional Food
  • Traditional Dance Tutorial
  • Networking


400 RON
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  • 3-Hour Trados Studio Workshop
  • Coffee Break

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1700 RON
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  • 21-22 March Conference Pass
  • 23 March PM Worhshop Day Pass
  • 21 March Transylvanian Evening Pass
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400 RON
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  • 3-Hour MemoQ Workshop
  • Coffee-break