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TranslateCluj is an independent  CPD initiative and organizer of events aimed at language professionals from all over the world. We're all about organizing hands-on workshops and sessions meant  to boost productivity and hone professional and business skills of language and intercultural experts. We love everything related to language, content and technology, but we also focus on building professional communities and facilitating networking opportunities for all. 

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This was TranslateCluj 2020!

Experienced Speakers

Highly experienced speakers and trainers organizing engaging sessions and workshops.

Smart Networking

We go beyond traditional networking opportunities and propose original, quirky activities involving all the participants.

Technology Training

Making goood use of technology is paramount for increasing productivity for translators.


TranslateCluj Blog

Head to our new blog to read the  latest news about our future events and initiatives or insightful posts—written by us or by our guests—about trends in the translation & interpretation market, tips for freelance linguists and much more!

Being a Freelance Linguist in Central and Eastern Europe – NEW INTERVIEW SERIES

A lot is written and said about marketing. There are […]

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Marek Pawelec on Being a Freelance Translator in Poland – INTERVIEW

Marek Pawelec graduated in Molecular Biology at the Jagiellonian University […]

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Oleksandr Ivanov on Being a Freelance Translator in Ukraine – INTERVIEW

Oleksandr is an ATA Certified Translator (English into Ukrainian) since […]

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Eleonora Joszko on Being a Freelance Translator in Poland — INTERVIEW

Eleonora is a translator, journalist and researcher (PhD in linguistics). […]

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Vesna Žagar on Being a Freelance Linguist in Slovenia – INTERVIEW

Vesna Žagar is a self-proclaimed grouch, history buff, sci-fi nerd […]

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Inky Tradopus

Inky Tradopus is our cute mascot and the official MC for all the fun and fringe events. Want to find out her story?

Inky symbolises the multi-tasking capabilities of freelance translators. She has one tentacle for each important task—translating, researching, marketing, management, communicating, integrating technology, invoicing and networking. Plus, she's super cute! And if you like her name, you should know that she was „baptised” by two very gifted colleagues who've won two free tickets for the next edition of TranslateCluj.

  • Fun networking
  • Cool master of ceremonies
  • Friendly mascot