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The TranslateCluj Booster was a 1-day event aimed at offering the community of language professionals first-hand information on three very specialised areas. Our experts dived into the practicalities of subtitling, interpretation and quality assurance. Attendees got to find out what is old and good and what is new and challenging in field-specific technologies, software, hardware and rules.


Alina Cincan

Guest Speaker

In her 15 years as a translation professional, Alina has been wearing many hats: translator, member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, Chartered Linguist (Language Specialist), member of the Mediterranean Editors and Translators, member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (Language Services), project manager, international conference speaker, and author. Her #1 passion? Languages! She speaks six languages with various degrees of fluency. Some of her articles were published in translation journals and magazines, such as Traduire in France, MDÜ Magazine in Germany, La Linterna del Traductor in Spain, the ITI Bulletin in the UK and De Taalkundige/Le Linguiste In Belgium. Her latest project is an extensive research study on the freelance translation landscape.

Vesna Žagar

Guest Speaker

Vesna Žagar studied journalism and spent eight years as a TV reporter on Slovenian national television. During that time she became a part-time freelance AV translator. After ten years as an editor of a parenting magazine she decided to commit her time exclusively to translation. Her translating career spans three decades, the last 14 years as a full-time freelancer.

She has worked with all major Hollywood film studios, either subtitling or dubbing, with Paramount and Universal as her main clients. In her work with TV channels she specialises in documentaries and science fiction.

Mike Lemay

Guest Speaker

Hello, my name is Mike Lemay. I was born to French-Canadian parents. I am a husband, father, grandfather, and entrepreneur wearing a few different hats. One of those is as an English-French simultaneous -Double A- interpreter.


I stumbled upon interpreting in the late 90’s by accident, over 20 years ago when I was volunteering to consecutively interpret a guest speaker in my local church. I immediately fell in love with interpreting. One of those nights, a professional interpreter was in the crowd and offered me a job as well as referring me to a few agencies. The rest is history, as we say, and I never look back.

Ana Loredana Gabur

Guest Speaker

In my role, I am tasked to provide the best experience to our freelance customers with the great help of the customer experience team. Our team is a multilingual, enthusiastic team with a strong background in various fields and are commited to offering the best experience to each customer. So regardless if you have used SDL Trados Studio for a long time or if you are just planning to join the freelance translation community, we will be more than happy to assist you.


Quality Assurance – Tips, tricks, and tools (for translators and project managers) by Alina Cincan

Whether you are a translator or a project manager – or both – QA is an integral part of your work. But what is effective quality assurance? What does it take? Is having an eagle eye enough or should we take advantage of the tools available? What should a minimum QA checklist look like? This is what we aim to explore and discuss in this presentation.

Something is wrong but I can't say what by Vezna Žagar

Sometimes it’s difficult to watch subtitled TV shows even if you don’t notice any obvious mistranslations. Something just seems off. We’ll take a look at additional rules subtitlers need to follow to be good AV translators not just good translators.

The Power of Networking & Social Media for Interpreters by Mike Lemay

The pandemic has radically changed how interpreters work and market their services. Since they can work from virtually anywhere, a new world of opportunities has emerged. Attend Mike's presentation to learn how a phone, a social media app, a hashtag and a network of well-knit professionals helped him double his workload during these difficult times.

Trados Studio Subtitling Module

Our friends from SDL Cluj will present the brand new Trados subtitling app.