Interpreting will be in focus at TranslateCluj 2022! The dedicated section will include lots of interesting and relevant information for our fellow interpreters.



Iulia Daniela Negru – RITS / Italian Professional Associations

Facing a shortage of Romanian-A colleagues to practice with in Italy and her interactions with interpreters practice groups, Iulia decided to create the opportunity for all native Romanian interpreters (and not only) to practice together. That’s how the Romanian Interpreters Practice group (RITS) was born.

And since she’s based in Italy and very much involved with the country’s professional translators’ associations, she’ll kindly throw in a few words about her experience as a member of AITI and Assointerpreti.


Ana-Maria Dușa

Ana will generously create the perfect environment for interpreters to brush up on their consecutive. Whether you’re prepping for a test or aiming to be at your best for the next consec assignment, this is the place to be on Friday, May 20th.

Don’t forget your pad!


Ana Dusa
Adriana Translate

Adriana Mîndriloiu

The local interpretation market is anything but easy to navigate. The panel led by the dynamic Adriana Mîndriloiu will raise important questions that we’ve all asked ourselves. What does the national interpretation market look like? Who are the actors involved? How do they impact interpreters’ work and lives? Can we do anything to improve our work conditions, relation to clients, etc.?

Join a most relevant debate for the present and future of the profession and be part of the silver lining.

Sophie Llewellyn Smith (remote session)

On a market where clients can’t conceive an interpreter without a retour, we’re lucky Sophie - a highly experienced interpreter trainer and coach, the creator of Speechpool and TerpSummit - is here to help enhance our B languages, with a special focus on English retour.


SLS leaning
Alina Pelea foto 2019

Alina Pelea & Alina Andreica

Alina’s passion for interpretation training and research come together in the cross-border project ReactMe, focusing on professional medical interpretation services. At TranslateCluj 2022, the two speakers will present the main results of their work in the project: the state of the art in medical interpreting in Romania, the ReACTMe learning platform, the training events organized. This will also be an opportunity for attendees to discuss with fellow interpreters about the future steps to take in Romania so that medical intepreting can benefit from proper training and recognition.



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