Hello, I am Laura, a motivated and creative freelance translator, editor and reviewer, working with English, French and Romanian since 2008. My main translation fields cover social sciences, scientific and healthcare, legal and marketing. I worked for over twelve years with top management teams in the medical and educational systems, and this experience helped me learn a lot of valuable things about organizing large events and dealing with challenging situations and people. I am passionate about graphic design, meeting new people and organizing anything I get my hands on, to the last tiny detail. I find her inspiration in my family, and I enjoys singing and dancing.




This is Thomas, a freelance translator, reviewer and intercultural consultant with 15+ years of experience, working from English, French into Romanian. and specializing mostly in life sciences, IT, marketing, logistics and automotive content.

I tend to have strong opinions about work ethics, the translation marketplace and translator education, which I'm not shy to share with the world. If you combine this with my knack for organizing teams, events and virtually anything, you'll quickly understand how I got involved in TranslateCluj. When I'm not busy translating, planning or organizing, I like to wind down by playing the piano, cooking or baking bread. I also love to travel and discover new places.



Elvira here, a medical/technical and legal translator/editor/reviewer of English, French and Russian, with nearly 20 years of experience. A science nerd and passionate linguist, I navigate from medical articles, clinical trials, diagnostic sheets and endoscopes to laboratory centrifuges, ultrasound baths, chemicals, reagents, CNC lathes and car engines, whenever legal translations don’t tempt me with their convolutions. I am passionate about mentoring, community-building and CPD. I am the resident foodie and (introverted) social butterfly, gladly taking the responsibility for our fringe events. I will share my opinions on translations, reviews, QA processes, communication, emotional health, dining and wining. And, maybe, a recipe or two. Trivia: I'm a trained electrician.




Hello, I am Silvia. At the moment I am working as a Project Manager for a localization company, where I have the opportunity to experience the administrative side of translation.

I enjoy cooking, especially sweets, finding out new tea varieties, and going on long walks in nature. 

Since my favorite activities can be included in a translation conference, you'll also find me helping our great Translate Cluj team with bringing together and supporting the translation community.


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Silvia Coste

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Ioana Pașcalău




I am Ioana, I am 25 years old and I see myself as a perfectionist, ambitious and funny person. Currently, I work as an in-house translator and in the past I worked as a Quality Coordinator and Project Manager. I'm passionate about fashion, movies and technology and one day I hope that soon enough these will be my domains of expertise. For me, Translate Cluj is more than an event organizer, it is a support group and a professional community I will always look up to.




I am Mihaela, an enthusiastic, dedicated interpreter, translator and reviewer who puts her love for languages to work in English, French, Spanish and Romanian. The fields I feel most at ease working in are: parenting, theology, performing arts and medicine, but I always keep an open door for new subjects. I would portray myself as an introvert in love with people and I value the encounters I have had so far as milestones in my evolution on all levels. To me, words are energy, which is why I strive to use them wisely. What helps me the most to stay balanced is spending time with family and friends, reading, taking long walks and experimenting with cooking.

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Mihaela Iușan

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Laura Revnic




Hi, I’m the second Laura of the xl8 team, always hiding behind some sort of camera and chasing people down to capture their emotions and feelings. You’ll thank me later for the memories.

I spend most of my time behind the computer so if you see me at the conference, please come say hi and let’s be awkward together for a couple of minutes. I promise I won’t ask what’s your start sign.

I love baking, walks in nature and spending all my money on Harry Styles concerts.

I am a freelance “translator” who specializes in storytelling, in other words, I translate events into a bundle of a happy memories.