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Now, if you ask my closest friends, they will tell you ‘But, but, but… Elvira never panics’. And right they are. I never do when everyone else does. 


But then it hit me. This weird year. Some non-pandemic, not very severe, and fixable health issues. And I ended up mentally exhausted, despite the fact that I am healthy, didn’t have a massive drop in income and took part in creating some amazing things. 


I could barely do my work, eat, sleep and stick to my workout schedule. Also, I would worry I didn’t finish creating and setting up my website or take care of other non-urgent but not so difficult chores.


And it’s OK. I realized that last week and felt instantly better. 


Well, I can do without a website for another month after 20 years without one. I can lazy-cook. I can lay on my sofa playing detective games when not working, eating, sleeping or working out. And rely on those friends I told you about to shake me out of it, if need be.


Take your time. Being a freelancer is tough at the best of times, and this year is not a good one. We are allowed to lose some marbles and drop some balls.




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