Laura is a motivated and creative freelance translator, editor and reviewer, working with English, French and Romanian since 2008. Her main translation fields cover social sciences, scientific and healthcare, legal and marketing. She worked for over twelve years with top management teams in the medical and educational systems, and this experience helped her learn a lot of valuable things about organizing large events and dealing with challenging situations and people. Laura is passionate about graphic design, meeting new people and organizing anything she gets her hands on, to the last tiny detail. She finds her inspiration in her family, and she enjoys singing and dancing.

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Laura Sabău



Thomas is a freelance translator, editor and reviewer working with English, French and Romanian since 2007. He specializes in medical, pharmaceutical, IT, marketing, logistics and automotive content.

Thomas has a knack for organizing teams, events and... well, virtually anything :). He also enjoys bringing people together! He blogs about marketing and translation theory and practice.

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Thomas Tolnai





Elvira is a medical/technical and legal translator/editor/reviewer of English, French and Russian, with nearly 20 years of experience. A science nerd and passionate linguist, she navigates from medical articles, clinical trials, diagnostic sheets and endoscopes to laboratory centrifuges, ultrasound baths, chemicals, reagents, CNC lathes and car engines, whenever legal translations don’t tempt her with their convolutions. She is passionate about mentoring, community-building and CPD. She’s our resident foodie and (introverted) social butterfly, gladly taking the responsibility for our fringe events. She will share her opinions on translations, reviews, QA processes, communication, emotional health, dining and wining. And, maybe, a recipe or two. Trivia: she’s a trained electrician.

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Elvira Daraban





Ioana is a Master’s student in Translation and Terminology in Cluj-Napoca and a beginner on the translation market.

She believes that interaction facilitated by conferences, events, discussions, etc. can shape the dynamics of a profession. She is eager to contribute to a more interconnected and united translation community.

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Ioana Pașcalău




Silvia is a Master's student in Translation and Terminology in Cluj-Napoca and is still figuring out what subject field she enjoys more for translating.
She knows that translation might be a pretty lonely job sometimes and she is excited for any event that brings translators and other professionals together and she is happy to help you with the organizing.

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Silvia Coste