Workshop topics

  • Regex magic by Marek Pawelec

    Regular expressions (regex for short) are powerful tool for finding, replacing and manipulating text. memoQ allows us to use them extensively for importing complex files, converting text into tags, filtering text, find and replace operations, creating auto-translatables and custom segmentation rules. We’ll dive into world of regex and their uses in memoQ based on real-life examples.

  • Google search workshop by Ellen Singer

    Google searches are common but not everyone searches optimally. Our personal search history and common searches influence the results so we need to learn to search in ways that disable or work around ‘helpful’ algorithms.

    The workshop will focus on real-time searches. This is because time influences searches and if it is prepared it will not match the actual results of the participants.

  • No man is an island by Marek Pawelec

    memoQ server projects and packages, “off-line” cooperation with colleagues using memoQ and other CAT tools, Trados Studio files and packages, other bilingual formats – we’ll talk about cooperation and interoperability. [depending on your preferences, we can skip the memoQ server/package workflows and focus in interoperability alone]

  • Trados Studio beginner and advanced training by SDL

    Our main sponsor, SDL plc. will deliver two Trados Studio workshops (one for beginners and one for advanced users). 

  • SDL Trados Studio... the devil is in the details

    You can work with Trados Studio for years and still learn something that could change the way you do things forever!
    In this joint presentation from Jerzy and Paul you’ll learn about the details that can make a difference with a really practical approach to using the tools that became available to you when you invested into the SDL language platform.

  • Peer review for freelancers by Ellen Singer

    How do we continually improve our writing skills? Is there a way we, freelancers, can help each other out in order to provide better translation services? 

    Ellen will propose an experiment, i.e. setting up on-going peer review groups wherein translators can assess and provide feedback on the work carried out by their peers. Don't miss it! This one is going to be really interesting!

  • Managing Projects (and Businesses) respectfully by Cristina Tohănean

    Over the past twelve years, I have reached the same conclusion over and over again: respect, for yourself and for others, is the foundation for efficient project management. Let’s find out how this basic feeling (and ability) has such an important impact on your projects and on the business itself and wrap everything up in a Project Management Handbook for translators.


  • Reactme - Research & Action and Training in Medical Interpreting by Alina Pelea and Renata Georgescu

    The Department of Applied Modern Languages (UBB), together with other five universities – UMF (Romania), UNIBO and UNINT (Italy), USJ and UMU (Spain) – is involved in a research concerning the current situation of medical interpreting in the three countries. How are things in Romania? Alina’s intervention is both an introduction to the topic and an invitation to share professional experiences, information and ideas that could eventually lead to the improvement of this particular area of interpreting.

  • Fala português? ...Neither do I. Yet, I can translate. All I need is intercomprehension by Nora Mărcean

    Nora's workshop will focus on interculturality and intercomprehension as techniques used to decipher texts written in languages we don't even speak!

  • Panel on community building for translators by Dana Szabados

    One of the admins of TTNS, i.e. the mother of all Facebook groups for translators, will initiate a discussion about the importance of building communities of translators.

  • How to use digital marketng to get more clients

    Need a couple of tips and tricks on how to be more visible online from a real pro?

    That's what we thought! So we've invited Adrian Ilovan, CEO of Netlogiq Cluj to talk about personal websites, social media marketing and online sales for professionals.

  • Optional memoQ masterclass by Marek Pawelec

    Taking Marek's masterclass is the first step towards becoming a memoQ master!

  • Nonviolent Communication - Building strong relationships between translators and clients
    Nonviolent Communication(NVC) is not just another fashionable communication tool. It represents a philosophy based on Marshall Rosenberg's life-long work as a mediator in some of the most difficult, historical and profound conflicts in the world. It is a mindset that puts relationships in a whole new frame.  Although NVC can be literally used in any field of work, during this workshop, we will focus on the problems that translators face in communicating with their clients (clients who don't respect the payment due date, who minimize the translators' work, who change the original agreement etc.) It will provide you with a small taste of how NVC can help reshape your relationships.